The city of Katy is adding 1,400 square feet of concrete sidewalks to Katy City Park, connecting its parking lot to the Fitness Court, restrooms and basketball pavilion as well as its existing sidewalks.

Located at 5850 Franz Road, Katy, the additional 5-foot-wide sidewalks will increase accessibility and reduce maintenance issues at the park’s amenities, Parks Director Kevin Browne said. City Council members approved the works at a June 12 meeting.

Browne could not identify a timeline or start date for the $12,333 project by press time.

The backstory

The sidewalk installation satisfies one of the goals of the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan adopted in October—to upgrade playground equipment and amenities, promoting consistency in design at the city’s individual park sites, said Browne.

These amenities should be cost-effective, durable and inclusive, per related objectives from the PTRMP, which include:
  • Improving on-site accessibility for persons with physical disabilities, seniors and people with strollers
  • Upholding Katy’s reputation for clean and well-maintained city parks
  • Emphasizing low-maintenance features, from equipment to landscaping