Mark and Jessica Buvinghausen said they don’t need to promote their veterinary business to find patients to serve; they said their local community in the Katy area found them first.

“It was all word of mouth. It was all social media, friends and family,” Jessica said. “It just took off.”

Since the business started in May 2020, the Buvinghausens said Texas Republic Veterinary Hospital has serviced around 6,000 patients. The Katy-based hospital provides a range of veterinary services to dogs and cats, including wellness and preventative care, surgery, diagnosis, and more.

One of the unique services Texas Republic provides is house calls, which is a factor that helped the business become entrenched in the local community and grow during the onset of COVID-19, Jessica said. They will visit a client’s home if one has multiple pets, limited mobility or is seeking euthanasia services.

“To this day, people still call and say, ‘Hey, we saw you on an [online posting] from three years ago, do you guys still do house calls?’” Jessica said. “We still do a couple a week.”

Mark and Jessica, a married couple with three children, met in October 2007 while working in emergency animal medicine services in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are the owners and operators of the business, with Jessica being the office manager and Mark as the primary veterinarian with over two decades of experience.

The property the vet is located on was originally a house built in the 1960s. Jessica said they were able to refurbish the space to meet their needs after the original owners sold it to them.

The Buvinghausens said their approach to personalized care is a key to the hospital’s success. Jessica said they’ve been seeing some of their clients for years before opening their own business.

“People consistently will say, ‘Well, I was going to this [vet], but it got bought out and now it’s corporate, and I just feel like a number,’” Mark said. “Here it’s pretty tailored to the client, it’s much more personal.”

Services for furry friends:
  • Wellness & preventive care
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Pain management
  • Allergies
  • Dermatology
  • House calls
  • Diagnosis
  • Euthanasia
Texas Republic Veterinary Hospital

25011 Lakeview Road, Katy


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat.-Sun. closed.