The National Weather Service is warning residents of Southeast Texas of a potentially severe storm arriving Jan. 24 expected to mainly affect areas along and south of I-69.

NWS officials are expecting that, between 9 a.m.-5 p.m., the area could see 1-3 inches of rainfall and winds 30-50 miles per hour. The NWS also warned of potential street flooding in low-lying areas, and rough waters and rip currents around bays and coastal areas. However, creeks and bayous are not expected to leave their banks.

The office of Harris County Precinct 4's Constable Mark Herman released the following tips to residents via a press release:
- Pull anything from your yard that can become a projectile and smash through a window or worse. That includes lawn furniture, garbage cans and grills, but also smaller items like decorations, planters, hanging baskets, bird feeders and wind chimes.

- Anchor heavy objects that cannot be brought inside, such as grills or propane tanks.

- Trim tree branches away from house. Prune dead branches that are weak enough to break off when the wind picks up.

- Reinforce windows and doors with plywood if possible.

- Bring all animals and pets indoors if possible. Do not leave dogs tied up in the yard.

-Park your vehicles inside garage if possible.