Houston residents now face a $100 fine for parking in bike lanes following the end of a citywide grace period.

City Council passed a new ordinance Oct. 14 banning parking in bike lanes that included a grace period for the first 90 days of its enforcement. The intent, council members said, was to first educate residents about the new rule.

“Our goal is to educate and also look at enforcement in a different manner,” Council Member Letitia Plummer said during an Oct. 7 discussion.

Beginning Jan. 14, drivers in Houston will no longer receive a warning for the violation and will instead face a $100 fine. Drivers who have never received a citation can appeal it and the fine by taking a bicycle-friendly driving course instead.

Cars parked in bike lanes can only be towed if the area has a no-parking sign, according to Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department.