On May 4, Houston adopted the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports, an initiative that gives children full opportunities and participation in sports.

The bill, which was developed by Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society program, has been adopted by more than 130 organizations. According to a press release, the bill aligns with Houston’s goal to create a human rights strategy, which is being developed for the city’s bid to be the 2026 FIFA World Cup host as well as the city’s action plan to be a UNICEF Child Friendly City.

“Houston is proud to be an inclusive and equitable city focused on protecting and enhancing the rights of our most treasured asset, our children and future leaders,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said in the release.

According to the release, the adaptation of the bill was announced at the 2022 Project Play Summit in Washington, D.C., by the Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence.

Included in the bill are eight rights for children: the right to play sports, safe and healthy environments, qualified program leaders, developmentally appropriate play, share in planning and delivery of activities, equal opportunity for growth, to be treated with dignity and enjoyment.

“We are proud to implement the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports in Houston because it underscores the positive physical and mental health benefits needed for young people to thrive and learn,” Turner said.