Total home sales were down in all five local ZIP codes covering the Heights, River Oaks and Montrose areas when comparing data from June 2024 to June 2023.

The trend was most pronounced in the 77006 ZIP code, which saw a 58.7% drop when comparing the two months. The nearby 77019 ZIP code saw the smallest drop.

Heights and Washington Corridor area ZIP codes 77007 and 77008 have seen fewer home sales during several of the past months when making comparisons to the previous year, including in May, when both of those ZIP codes saw double-digit drops in sales.

Data was provided to Community Impact by Victoria Hawes Devenney with Jamestown Estate Homes.
The median price of homes sold was lower or flat in three of the five local ZIP codes that tend to have more affordable homes. The other two ZIP codes—77019 and 77098—saw increases in median sale price when comparing June 2024 with June 2023.
As total home sales drop, the average number of days a home spends on the market before selling was also lower in four of five local ZIP codes, rising only in 77019. In the other four ZIP codes, the average days on market varied between 25 and 30 days in June.
With 203 homes selling in the local area in June, the breakdown of what price ranges those homes fell into was similar to previous months. Roughly 40% of homes sold fell into the $500,000-$749,999 price range, while another 28.5% fell into the $250,000-$499,999 price range.