Two different homeowner sustainability programs are expected to launch in the fall after Harris County commissioners approved $4 million in American Rescue Plan Act federal funds at an April 23 court meeting.

The details

One of the two initiatives is intended to assist low-income homeowners who might’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called the Homeowner Preservation Legal Assistance Program and will address the heightened legal challenges and vulnerabilities in the community.

“The economic repercussions of the pandemic placed many individuals at risk of foreclosure, clouded titles and other legal issues related to homeownership. The program will seek to address these issues by providing legal guidance and assistance to the resolution of legal issues concerning their property,” county administration officials said in a statement.

The second initiative is called the Homeowner Sustainability Education and Counseling Program and will support, counsel and educate homebuyers and homeowners in navigating the housing landscape.

“The program will provide eligible homebuyers and homeowners with housing counseling and education to increase awareness of homeownership opportunities,” county officials said in the statement.

Examples of education programs include support with:
  • Downpayment assistance
  • Closing cost assistance
  • Post-purchase counseling
  • Financial management
  • Mortgage default
  • Foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Home maintenance education
A total of $2 million will be allocated to each program and will be administered by qualified organizations selected through a proposal process, according to county administration officials.