The average number of days a home spends on the market before selling was down in four of five local ZIP codes when comparing data from December 2022 with December 2023. Data was provided to Community Impact by Victoria Hawes Devenney with Jamestown Estate Homes.

The steepest drops were seen in the 77007 ZIP code—which covers the lower Heights and Washington Corridor—and the 77019 ZIP code, which covers parts of Montrose and River Oaks. The average days on market was flat in the 77008 ZIP code, which covers the Greater Heights.
No local ZIP code saw major changes in total homes sold when comparing data from December 2023 with December 2022, and no strong trend emerged when looking at all five ZIP codes. The steepest drop was seen in the 77006 ZIP code, where eight fewer houses were sold, while the 77098 ZIP code saw seven more houses sell in December 2023.
In the Greater Houston area, home sales increased in November, marking the first time in 19 months that home sales increased year over year, according to the Houston Association of Realtors.

The median price of homes sold was nearly identical in the 77008 ZIP code when comparing December 2023 with December 2022. The 77006 and 77007 ZIP codes also saw relatively small changes. Meanwhile, median prices dropped in the 77019 and 77098 ZIP codes.

Of all homes sold across the five-ZIP-code area in December, just over 40% sold within the $500,000-$749,999 price range. Another 27% were sold for more than that.