After operating for seven years on Ella Boulevard in the Lazybrook/Timbergrove area, The Barking Pig has rebranded as Ribeye & Rye and will debut a new expanded menu.

A soft opening will take place Sept. 6 for the new concept, which will continue to operate under owner Kristen Powell, who founded The Barking Pig. Depending on the weather, a "re-grand opening" party could take place around Sept. 10, Powell said.

Citing the boom in restaurants that have hit the area since The Barking Pig's opening in 2015, Powell said it was time to take her venue to a new level.

"It was time to reinvest in ourselves, time to have fun and get fancy a little bit," Powell said.

The most popular menu item at the Barking Pig—steak, typically served only on Thursdays—will be the staple of the new menu, Powell said. In an effort to keep prices attainable, Powell said all steaks on the menu will be priced below $30. Other menu items will include popular selections from The Barking Pig, such as the Texas Burger and fried chicken, as well as pork loin and cod filet.

The venue will also continue to serve cocktails, wines and beer, Powell said. A new rye bar will be added to the bar area specializing in rye whiskeys and scotches, where Powell said guests can ask questions to learn about different types of whiskeys and drinks.

Ribeye & Rye will also feature an elevated decor, Powell said. The large garage doors of The Barking Pig have been taken out and replaced with glass doors, which she said can be opened up to make the venue feel bigger.

A going away party for The Barking Pig will take place Sept. 3, Powell said, after which the eatery will be closed for Labor Day weekend.