Texas Education Agency investigators recommend replacing HISD board


Investigators alleging misconduct are recommending the state replace the HISD board of trustees.

In a new 34-page report, the Texas Education Agency reveals what it learned in its six-month investigation of the school district.

The TEA took a closer look at allegations that trustees violated state law when it made the decision to fire interim superintendent Grenita Lathan and hire former HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra without first holding a public meeting.

According to the report, investigators found the board’s decision was made in a “walking quorum” to avoid complying with open meetings laws.

Investigators also found evidence of board members acting individually to influence contracts and hiring, and a violation of procurement rules “through the abuse of Job Order Contracts to avoid the $500,000 limit,” the report says.

The TEA recommends a board takeover, the lowering of the district’s accreditation and the appointment of a conservator.

HISD will meet Thursday to discuss the report. The board of trustees is not likely to accept the findings, but the ultimate decision rests in the hands of State Education Commissioner Mike Morath, an appointee of Gov. Greg Abbott.

The report comes about a week before the release of HISD’s academic rankings on August 15.

If HISD schools don’t pass the rankings, that too could result in a school board takeover.

Originally published by Community Impact Newspaper media partner, ABC 13.

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  1. HISD’s Board of Trustees, in my opinion, has been corrupt seemingly forever. We have had allegation after allegation of board trustees being involved in every type of corrupt business practice imaginable.
    The biggest problem in Harris County is that the Harris County District Attorney’s office, in my opinion, seldom investigates these allegations properly and almost never prosecutes anyone for anything the least bit politically connected.

    If you allow “Little Johnny” to reach into the “cookie jar” over and over again with no consequence for doing so, then “Little Johnny” will continue to reach into the “cookie jar”.

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