Oheya, which means “the room” in Japanese, is a new concept from Hai Hospitality of Austin being offered at Uchi.

Oheya by Uchi is founded behind a “discretely marked room,” according to the brand's website, and is an intimate dining experience at a 12-person bar tucked behind Uchi, at 904 Westheimer Road, Ste. A, Houston. Uchi translates to “the house” and Oheya is the room at the back of the house.

Guests to Oheya are treated with omatenashi hospitality, or “to wholeheartedly look after guests” and dine off of a personalized and chef-curated menu. The menu is updated monthly and created by Houston-based Uchi chefs Stephen Conklin and Kevin Le in collaboration with a guest chef from one of eight chefs from different Uchi restaurant locations.

Guests interested in dining at Oheya can reserve a seat online.

https://uchi.uchirestaurants.com/location/houston/oheya. 713-522-4808.