A city-owned site known as Studemont Spaceway is on track to be sold to developer BKR Memorial to be converted for mixed-use purposes after an ordinance was passed by Houston City Council on May 25 giving permission for the sale.

The passing of the ordinance came after two public hearings. At just over a quarter of an acre in size, the land was first acquired by Houston Public Works in 1958 and was transferred to the Houston Parks and Recreation Department in 1968. It is located at 800 Studemont St., Houston, near the Washington Avenue intersection.

However, the city has no plans to turn the land into a park, said Michael Isermann, deputy director of facilities management and development for the city of Houston. Isermann told council members he believes it would be best for the developer to acquire the land.

With the sale, Isermann said the area will be repurposed as part of the Buffalo Heights mixed-used development that will allow residents in the area to have better traffic flow and access. It will include an entry street, a restaurant terrace and a seating terrace. The revenue from the sale of the space will also allow for improvements of other parks in underserved areas, he said. The sale has not been finalized.

District H Council Member Karla Cisneros—whose district covers the Studemont Spaceway—said the area is not usable or functional. She said she thinks the sale is a "wonderful idea," and it will allow revenue captured to be put to use in other places.

According to the Buffalo Heights District website, BKR Memorial is the owner of the nearby Buffalo Heights District, which features offices, apartments and shops, including an H-E-B as well as Gordy & Sons outfitters.

Community Impact Newspaper has reached out to BKR Memorial to learn more about how the site will be used.