On April 18, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner signed a proclamation recognizing the Houston Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights, making time spent in nature a basic right for all children in the city. This unprecedented initiative is part of Houston's Earth Day HTX programming and includes 12 rights for all young Houstonians:
  • The right to safe routes in outdoor spaces in their communities
  • The right to access shade outdoors
  • The right to connect with nature while on school grounds
  • The right to equitable public parks, regardless of ZIP code
  • The right to leadership opportunities to be "stewards of nature"
  • The right to accessible outdoor accommodations for all students
  • The right to green spaces that mitigate the risk of climate change
  • The right to the mental health and holistic benefits of nature
  • The right to see and experience native plants and wildlife in their local parks
  • The right to free or low-cost outdoor programming
  • The right to breathe clean air
  • The right to learn how to be safe outdoors
The bill of rights was discussed and agreed upon by a multigenerational committee, and several organizations and school groups have signed it and agree to uphold the rights.

In a video message, Turner encouraged the members of the public to sign the bill and make their own pledge.