On Feb. 8, Houston City Council approved an ordinance to grant additional funding for the North Canal Project. The North Canal Project is an extensive flood detention and mitigation plan designed to reduce the risk of flooding.

In addition to the north canal channel, which is to be built at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou, the project also entails a south canal channel along Buffalo Bayou's southern side at I-69. In addition, upstream improvements will be made to White Oak Bayou at the Yale Street and Heights Boulevard bridges.

Worth about $131 million, the project will begin in winter 2025 and is expected to be complete in fall 2029, according to Houston Public Works.

The city is working with the Texas Department of Transportation on the two phases of construction. TxDOT will reimburse the city about $1.22 million for Phase I and about $18.7 million for Phase II.

Designs for the project were approved in May 2021.

Houston City Council members also approved $10.5 million for the design, construction and maintenance of Plum Creek. Similar to the North Canal, the Plum Creek project is being carried out with the Harris County Flood Control District.