Artechouse, a digital and experiential art purveyor, is opening a new permanent flagship location in the Houston Heights.

The new 26,000-square-foot museum will showcase over 18 installation pieces that range from cinematic experiences and laser performances to robotic and interactive artwork.

Exhibits will include:

Beyond the Light: a collaboration with NASA that dives into the interstellar journey into space. The exhibit will feature a 26-minute film and seven multi-media installations that use artificial intelligence to examine the moon, Mars rover and climate science.

Intangible Forms: a display by Japanese multimedia artist Shohei Fujimoto that features lasers, strobes and moving lights to explore the universal connections between living beings and their realities.

Eternal Life: an artistic piece that delves into themes of eternity and life, and studies the cyclical nature of time through digital content on a lens-like physical canvas.