Copydotcom has relocated from Westheimer Road to a new 10,500-square-foot space on Richmond Avenue.

The Montrose business will continue offering services such as digital printing, graphic design, gala and event printing, binding and dry mounting for customers in the Greater Houston area. The Richmond location will also offer new services, including business cards, brochures, presentation graphics and directional signage.

“We moved into our Montrose space in 1997 and have seen first-hand how much the community has evolved over time,” owner Steve Astrich said. “We want to continue to be the go-to print shop for the city and are excited to remain inside the 610 Loop, continuing to serve Houston's expanding cultural and restaurant scene as well as our long-standing customers in Montrose, The Heights and The Museum District.”

According to a May 21 news release, the new location provided an increase in size of 3,000 square feet and also features improved professional lighting, a mixed three-part, industrial-express design and pull-up parking. Delivery options are also expected to see an expansion in the near future.