David Blessings said he wants to cultivate a culture of well-being through his business, Blessings Plants & Music. He said each product is specifically designed to help improve his customers' quality of life.

“I believe in the creator, God, and God said the reason we are created is to enjoy life,” he said. “There is actually a very similar Bible scripture that says, ‘I know what my plan is for you. It is for you to prosper, for you to be well, not to hurt you or harm you.’ If that's the creator's goal for you, why aren't we more in line so we can experience more of that reason for our being?”
Blessings Plants & Music offers vinyl records, houseplants and various herbs at both the Heights store (pictured) and the original Montrose location. (Asia Armour/Community Impact)
Diving in deeper

Blessings Plants & Music opened its first store in Montrose in October 2020 and a Heights location this past fall.

“When I first came to Houston, [these were] the areas that you heard about if you had interest in the arts and creativity,” Blessings said.

The stores carry houseplants, nutritional herbs, vinyl records and other associated products, such as planters, artwork, coffee mugs and record players. The brand is also the official houseplants provider for the Houston Botanic Garden, Blessings said.
Each product offered aims to improve customers' daily life, Blessings said. (Asia Armour/Community Impact)
Each of these offerings helps to provide a practical application of spirituality that aims to incorporate good things into his customers' daily lives, Blessings said.

“Music is good for you. It's been proven scientifically that it helps release endorphins, good hormones,” Blessings said. “Herbs are here for you for nutrition and for medicine—again, to heal you and help you be well. And without plants, you and I literally cannot exist.”
Blessings Plants & Music has one location in Montrose and a newer shop in the Heights neighborhood. (Asia Armour/Community Impact)
Looking ahead

Blessings said he would like to see his shops transform into spaces for nutrition consulting and herbalism classes.

He said he is excited about helping more people take advantage of plant-based remedies, as he believes they help prevent illness, maintain good health and, in some cases, recover and heal the body.
Blessings said he wants to teach people more about the healing and wellness properties of plant-based medicine. (Asia Armour/Community Impact)
“We're still at the sprout stage,” he said. “We planted the seed, and it's sprouting. We are encouraged, but the ultimate goal is to create educational materials and opportunities for people to learn how to design a life with blessings.”