Inspired by the ancient Finnish sauna tradition of alternating between cold and hot plunges, contrast therapy center Loyly Sauna Lounge opened Dec. 1 at 1210 W. Clay St., Houston.

The contrast therapy offered by the business involves customers cycling from a 38-degree cold water immersion to a 104-degree hot tub soak, with the experience ending with a 170-degree sauna, according to a Jan. 15 news release. The center features five saunas and a hot tub in a communal area as well as three cold plunge tubs, according to the release.

The alcohol-free center also offers a Sober Social Club hosted at 7 p.m. every Thursday through January, and hosts workshops on innovations in the areas of wellness and beauty.

In a statement, founders Cindy and Dion Ruzicka said they hope the center can fill a need for what they call a "missing third place"—a place where people can congregate aside from home and the workplace.