Russell Montgomery welcomes customers into his shop from all walks of life, but he estimates that around 40% of them are professional chefs.

That's because Montgomery runs Serenity Knives, one of the few handmade knife showrooms in Houston. Knives, he said, are one of the most crucial tools for anyone looking to take their cooking to the next level.

The backstory

Montgomery founded his shop in 2010, running it out of his house for several years and using his garage as his base for crafting and sharpening. In 2018, he began construction on the showroom, where he now showcases a wide variety of handmade and manufactured knives of different sizes and purposes.

Montgomery said his personal background includes taking knifemaking classes for 2.5 years under renowned knifemaker Murray Carter.

A closer look

The custom knives offered at Serenity are handmade, and Montgomery and his small team carve the shape of the knives on site. The steel is purchased from U.S. manufacturers, and material for the handles are sourced from artists around the U.S., Montgomery said, prioritizing small businesses as much as possible.

"I love working with artists who can help us do something more unique than what's been done before," Montgomery said.

The rest of the process—including drawing the design, cutting out the steel, shaping the angles, adjusting the weight, putting in the grind lines, treating the knife with heat, buffing and creating the edge—all take place in Montgomery's workspace. The process can take around 12-16 hours, depending on the grind and the complexity of the handle.

In addition to selling handmade knives, Montgomery also offers a selection of manufactured knives from known brands, such as Benchmade, Case and Tojiro. The shop also offers sharpening services.

What they're saying

"Even when we are making the same knife, it will come out a lot different," Montgomery said.
410 Harvard St., Houston

Hours: Tue.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.