Berg Hospitality Group's latest concept Buttermilk Baby, a modern take on the soda fountain, is coming to M-K-T Heights, 600 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, in September.

Buttermilk Baby will offer a Carvel ice cream bar, the first of its kind for Texas, according to a Feb. 22 press release.

“Buttermilk Baby is my take on an old-school soda fountain, which was a gathering place for families and the center of social activity," Berg Hospitality Founder Benjamin Berg said in a statement. "Our goal is to create an experience-driven concept that evokes happy childhood memories for adults and that they can now share with their kids. It really will be a treat for Houstonians of all ages. Carvel has my favorite soft serve and is the originator of soft-serve ice cream. With the brand being from the Northeast, I am happy to bring it to my new home. And everyone should try a Fudgie the Whale Cake at least once in their life.”