Montrose resident and Houston native Kristina Haag believes she has found a way for women to dress professionally and endure the city's legendary heat and humidity.

"This is clothing that is OK to sweat in," said Haag, who launched the clothing brand Cotidie this summer and expects to roll out a fall lineup this month. "This is clothing that works with you and for you."

At the core of her brand is three fabric styles drawing on durable, moisture-wicking materials that allow a loose, comfortable fit. Lunair is light and airy and is used in most of the line's shirts. Sola comprises most of the collection, offering a slightly thicker, sturdier feel but also offering the same cooling benefit. Stella is the strongest fabric, used in trousers and blazers.

"It's definitely a step above athleisure," Haag said.

A graduate of Rice University and the British School of Fashion, Haag said she crafted the vision by coming upon an overlooked segment in the market. There were plenty of comfortable warm weather options for men to wear to the office and on the road—think golf shirts and slacks—but few options that women would actually want to wear, she said. After moving back to Houston from London, the Bayou City's warm climate fueled her search.

"Just being in this heat and humidity, I thought, there has to be better clothing options," she said.

A friend's tennis dress got her thinking that there could be more sports-inspired options that could look sleek and keep sweat in check. After developing her ideas and working out the kinks, production is now in full swing in Houston and Los Angeles.

The clothing is only available online, though Haag said she could soon offer popup events and roll out more options.