Under a new pilot program, recipients of the state's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program can start using their benefits to order groceries online May 13, The Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced.

During the pilot phase, the program only applies to curbside pickup and delivery provided by Amazon and Walmart. The statewide program is part of a two-year nationwide pilot program that launched in April 2019.

“This innovative initiative helps provide healthy food to Texas families who need it the most during this challenging time,” HHS Deputy Executive Commissioner Wayne Salter said in the announcement. “We’re committed to reducing food insecurity for at-risk Texans.”

SNAP recipients will be able to use their Lone Star Cards to pay for grocery items but will have to pay for delivery and convenience fees out of pocket.

Enrollment in SNAP has grown by over 424,000 since February, with over 3.7 million receiving aid in April with an average benefit of $259.

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