Looking for art to showcase in display windows, The Ion and Rice Management Company are calling for preliminary installation proposals from local artists.

As a tech hub of innovation in Midtown, The Ion aims to foster an artistic identity that promotes local talent, officials said in a Sept. 15 press release.

“As a nexus for creativity of many different kinds, The Ion welcomes Houston’s talented artists to tap into their unique skill sets and diverse backgrounds to submit inventive proposals that will ultimately comprise two different art installations,” Artistic Consultant Piper Faust said in the release.

The application requires artists to submit a resume or cover letter, up to five images of sample work, a statement highlighting the artist’s practice, a letter of intent and references to www.publicartist.org. Applications are due Oct 1st at 5 p.m., and each application will be reviewed by Piper Faust Public Art, Rice Management Company, and the Ion District Art Advisory Council.

Ion officials are encouraging the work to be outside the box, considerate of the diversity of the community, and inviting viewers to pause, reflect and engage, according to the release. Artwork is required to be family-friendly and safe.

The display windows, which face Fannin and Main streets, will exhibit the two selected works from February through August, 2022, though the schedule is tentative.

“Each installation will contribute to Houston’s innovation ecosystem by inspiring the growing community of creators who will see the building’s display windows on a daily basis,” Faust said.