Attorneys filed a federal lawsuit Monday morning against Harris County Constable Precinct 1, alleging sexual misconduct by male superiors against female deputies.

In a press release sent to ABC13, attorneys said female deputies "were molested and traumatized by their intoxicated male commanding officers for their own sexual gratification during undercover law enforcement operations."

The lawsuit alleged that the female Precinct 1 deputies were chosen for "undercover operations" but they soon turned into a "booze-fueled playground for sexual exploitation."

Three of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit appeared at a press conference announcing the lawsuit.

That included Jacquelyn Aluotto.

Aluotto is nationally known as a human-trafficking advocate, who in 2020, received an award from the United Nations for her work.

According to the lawsuit, Aluotto was hired by Constable Alan Rosen's office, and "vigorously complained" about the harassment, sexual assault, retaliation and bullying in Precinct 1's Human Trafficking Unit.

But when she called out the alleged misconduct and abuse, she was fired, court documents say.

The lawsuit also accuses Rosen and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg of knowing about the abuse but not taking any action.

Rosen, two of his top assistants and Harris County are being sued.

ABC13 reached out to the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's office.

"Precinct One believes that the truth will come out in court--one way or another--if it makes it that far," a spokesperson for Precinct 1 tells ABC13.

This article originally appeared on media partner ABC13's website.