A question for Superintendent Beau Rees

Have you seen a recent increase in student enrollment?

We have grown quite a bit in the last five years. In those five years, we have grown by almost 2,000 students. During some years we did not grow much at all, including this year, but the growth has been significant enough to build three new schools.

Big decisions made in 2016

Broke ground on new elementary, middle and high schools

About $205 million out of the $256.75 million school bond that passed in May 2015 is being used to build three new schools in the growing Montgomery ISD. Located on Keenan Cutoff Road, construction on the $25 million Keenan Elementary School and the $60 million Oak Hill Junior High School began in November 2015 and will open in  August. Construction on the district’s second high school began last May, and the $118 million campus will open in  August 2018.

Pursuit of District of Innovation designation

In December, MISD advanced the initiative to become a District of Innovation. Becoming a DOI gives the district access to exemptions available to Texas charter schools, such as mandatory start dates and attendance policies.

Top issues for 2017

Approve District of Innovation plan

The MISD board will vote on becoming a DOI in early 2017.  Exemptions and policies stemming from the district’s DOI plan will take effect once the application is accepted by the Texas Education Agency. The district plans to use the designation to consider changes to the school start date, reduce the number of contract days worked by teachers and to hire industry experts to teach students enrolled in trade and technical skill programs.

Open two new schools

Keenan Elementary School and Oak Hill Junior High School will both open for the 2017-18 school year.  Keenan Elementary School will have the space to serve 832 students and Oak Hill Junior High School will serve 1,390.