District names three new schools

The Katy ISD board of trustees unanimously approved the naming of the three newest schools in the district during a Feb. 15 work-study session.

The three schools are due to open in August and were named in honor of former district employees.

Elementary School No. 38, at 27602 Westridge Creek Lane, was named MayDell Jenks Elementary School.

MayDell Jenks, who spent 43 years working in education, started in the KISD in 1981 as a German language teacher. In 1985, Jenks was chosen to coordinate the district’s language programs and is credited with implementing several language programs.

Elementary School No. 39, at 4535 E. Ventana Parkway, was named Catherine Bethke Elementary School.

Catherine Bethke has been an educator since 1976 and worked in KISD for 31 years. She is now retired but continues to work in the district.

Junior High School No. 14, at 26721 Hawks Prairie Blvd., was named James and Sharon Tays Junior High School.

James Tays was a vocational education teacher and principal of West Memorial Junior High School. Sharon Tays was a second grade teacher and was also a reading specialist.