Phil's Roadhouse and Grill Angel (left) and Marisa Philipello continue their father’s legacy as owners of Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill.[/caption]

Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill has served up Southern comfort food for more than 15 years, and the family behind it has overcome tragedy and loss to ensure the restaurant remains a community icon.

Phil Philipello opened the grill in February 2005 and served as owner and operator up until his death in July 2014. His daughters Marisa and Angel Philipello took over the restaurant last year to continue his legacy. Although they have met their fair share of challenges, Marisa said she and her sister would not have it any other way.

“It was very difficult for both of us to take on, and we had to fill some pretty big shoes,” she said. “For the staff it was hard for them too. We have a great staff and a lot of dedicated people who have been here for years. They were all understanding and worked with us every step of the way.”

Phil single-handedly took care of running every aspect of the business, leading to a significant learning curve for his daughters—who had only played front-of-the house roles, such as hostess and busser, Marisa said. However the experience has brought them closer together.

“When we do things now we agree upon it,” Marisa said. “It’s a partnership, and our staff sees it too.”

The sisters honor their father’s memory by continuing his dedication to serving fresh, quality food. The restaurant’s menu changes several times a year to reflect customer-requested dishes as well as brand new items—something their father committed to during his years as owner, Marisa said.

All sauces, spice mixes and salad dressings are made in the restaurant, including Roadhouse’s signature barbecue sauces: blackberry, regular and pulled-pork barbecue sauce. Customers can order the barbecue sauces to be shipped to their homes, and Marisa said their business has sent its sauces as far as New York and Wyoming.

“You will always get that southern comfort charm here,” Marisa said. “We serve all home-cooked food. When you come here prepare to need a to-go box.”

Angel describes Roadhouse’s aesthetic as “rustic, southern comfort charm.” The grill is also known for its steaks and features age certified USDA choice beef cuts such as rib-eye and center-cut top sirloin.

“What sets us apart from other restaurants is the friendly, local atmosphere,” Angel said. “Whenever you come here, almost all of the customers will see someone they know.”