Walker's Catering and Events offers a twist on the traditional professional catering concept combined with a dine-in restaurant. There is no menu at the tables—a preview is available only on the restaurant's Facebook page—and the dishes vary each week.

"You eat what I put on your plate—just like if you're going to your grandmother's house," said Gail Walker, owner of Walker's Catering and Events in Magnolia.

The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch dine-in services beginning at 9 a.m. each week Monday through Friday and also serves dinner takeout meal options.

"You can come here and get your dinner, but you need to go home and eat with your family," she said.

Walker said her restaurant's dining experience centers on home-cooked meals that differ from traditional restaurant dishes.

The only constants on the menu include salad dishes on Wednesdays, beef on Thursdays and meatless dishes on Fridays.

"[The menu consists of] whatever I feel like making," Walker said. "Usually it's designed around what orders I have going out already."

Lunch options are typically $8, and dinners begin at $25, with prices varying depending on the type of dish and number of servings.

Walker said she has a network of local connections to provide fresh ingredients for the restaurant's meals.

"I cook seasonally, so you're not going to find chicken pot pie in July," she said. "I use no processed foods."

Walker said her most popular dishes are the King Ranch Casserole; chicken alfredo; and her pulled pork variations, including enchiladas, sliders with raspberry chipotle and pulled pork over a baked potato. A dessert buffet is also available, and certain dishes are gluten-free.

Walker previously owned 6th Street Catering and Events and now solely operates the new eatery with help from friends who volunteer their time.

Walker credits her success to word of mouth advertising within the area.

"Everybody is so supportive," Walker said. "The whole community is supportive of my business, and it's growing."

Walker said the best part of her job is serving the people who come into her business. In the near future, she plans to add an event hall at another site to allow her to serve more people since there isn't room to expand at her existing location.