Harris County Precinct 4 plans to continue widening Telge Road over the next several years. Construction will take place in four segments; the first was from Spring Cypress Road to Louetta Road and finished in 2019.

Segment 2 stretches from north of Louetta to Grant Road; Segment 3 continues from north of Grant to the Grand Parkway; and finally, Segment 4 widens Telge Road from north of the Grand Parkway to FM 2920.

Planned improvements along the corridor include widening Telge to a four-lane concrete boulevard section; improved drainage accommodations; and the installation of traffic signal systems on Telge at Grant, Boudreaux and Kitzman roads.

Timeline: request authorization to bid third quarter of 2021 (Segment 2), third quarter of 2023 (Segment 3), first quarter of 2025 (Segment 4)

Cost: TBD