Several Cy-Fair road widening, extension and improvement projects are currently underway. Here are a few future local road projects that have not yet started:

Cypress North Houston Road improvements

Harris County Precinct 4 plans to widen Cypress North Houston Road from Jones Road to Perry Road and later extend Cypress North Houston from Perry Road to FM 1960. The scope includes improved drainage accommodations and traffic signal installations at Misty Moss Drive, Autumn Mills Drive and FM 1960.

Timeline: Phase 1 is set for bid solicitation in the third quarter of 2021; Phase 2 is contingent upon future project development

Cost: TBD

Funding source: Harris County Precinct 4

North Eldridge Parkway widening

Proposed improvements include widening North Eldridge Parkway from Spring Cypress Road to Westlock Drive to a four-lane concrete boulevard section with traffic signalization at Westlock Drive and Gregson Road. The project is in the design phase.

Timeline: set for bid solicitation in the third quarter of 2021

Cost: TBD

Funding source: Harris County Precinct 4

FM 1960 improvements

The FM 1960 improvement project between Centerfield Drive and Cutten Road in the Willowbrook area was delayed a third time. It includes adding left turn lanes at cross streets, lengthening all turning lanes, and adding a thru lane east- and westbound from the Willowbook Mall center entrance to Cutten Road. The project was set to bid in January 2018, then set to bid in June 2021, and now utility conflicts delayed the bidding date to December. Construction will begin in early 2022 and take 28 months to complete.

Timeline: first quarter 2022-second quarter 2024

Cost: $18.8 million

Funding sources: federal, state