Elizabeth Hilbun created The Living Legacy Center in 2015 when she noticed a pattern in those receiving her estate planning and probate law services at The Hilbun Law Firm. Many who came to her lacked education on the support programs available.

“How we got started was really just noticing from the law firm side that people would come to us for legal needs, and they didn’t have money, and so we would try to help them,” Hilbun said. “Then every time we would help them with the pro bono project, then they typically would have a social need that was going on behind that.”

After making this observation, Hilbun and her law firm partner Teresa Trull decided to take their passion for helping others and create a nonprofit to assist seniors, veterans and those with disabilities in learning about local nonprofits and what resources are available.

Even though they advertise most of their services for those groups, community members in need can also go to The Living Legacy Center for help connecting with resources, including food pantries, shelters and clothing closets.

“The people in need couldn’t find the resources, and the resources were having difficulty supporting the people in need,” Hilbun said. “And so we thought we would be the bridge, the liaison, if you will, between those two.”While bridging the gap between nonprofits and those in need, Hilbun said.

The Living Legacy Center employs a give-back strategy to encourage those who receive assistance to help others they encounter. Using this method, the nonprofit has been able to reach people who may not have reached out for aid on their own or would not have known where to turn.

“So it’s not a linear relationship. We don’t go from point A to point B; we go all over the place,” Hilbun said. “We kind of look at what are the social needs, what are the legal needs, what are the psychological needs.”

Another way the nonprofit is able to supply needs is by redistributing excess supplies. Thanks to the pay-it-forward mentality fostered at The Living Legacy Center, clients who have excess food they are not able to consume before it expires can bring it to the center to be redistributed to others in need.

Looking ahead, Hilbun said she hopes to open a hospice house for those who do not have Medicare or Medicaid. This addition and the prospects of collaborating with other local law firms and local churches leaves Hilbun hopeful for the future in which she sees herself continuing what she loves.

“[I enjoy] working with the families one-on-one and seeing the joy and seeing them have hope and seeing them find a new way to live, actually watching the process work,” she said.

Services at The Living Legacy Center

The Living Legacy Center provides care, support and assistance to those in need and focuses on seniors, veterans and those with disabilities.

Tax Services: Tax returns, Tax advice

Legal services: Estate planning, Business planning, Guardianship, Succession planning, Special needs planning, Criminal defense, Veterans disability claims, Family law, Medicaid planning, Disability planning, Probation, Life care planning

Mental health: Addiction recovery programs, Recovery centers, Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Mental health counseling, Support groups

Community: Craft circle, Oasis Garden events, Community partner support

The Living Legacy Center

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Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-2 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.