International Food in Cy-Fair Pho Binh[/caption]

Pho Binh

After building a solid customer base in Houston, Pho Binh opened its Cypress location in 2013. Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, can be made with a variety of ingredients to achieve different flavors. Diners at the Cypress location can watch the chef prepare meals from behind the counter.

Popular dish: pho

12312 Barker Cypress Road, Ste. 1000, Cypress

International Food in Cy-Fair Allo French Rotisserie[/caption]


Allo French Rotisserie

Owner Eric Goldner opened the Vintage Park eatery in 2013 with the goal of making French food more accessible to the American diner.

Popular French fare, such as escargot and foie gras, populate the appetizer menu while options, such as shepherd’s pie, pastas and rotisserie dishes, are available as entrees. Goldner said food is very important in French culture, and he strives to maintain the level of quality that French diners expect.

“We have a lot of French clientele who tout our restaurant as being authentic, that it reminds them of their grandmother’s cooking, which is the best compliment you can ever give me,” he said.

Popular dish: daily rotisserie specials, including pork loin, braised short ribs and herb pesto lamb

126 Vintage Park Blvd., Bldg. D, Ste. B, Houston

International Food in Cy-Fair Piqueo Restaurante and Bar[/caption]


Piqueo Restaurante and Bar

Offering a type of cuisine that is unfamiliar to many Houston diners was a risk for Gerry and Adriana Sarmiento, owners of Piqueo Restaurante and Bar, but it has since become one of the most popular restaurants in Cypress.

Peruvian food, which is influenced by Spanish, African and Chinese styles, offers a distinct blend of flavors. The menu includes tapas plates, such as empanadas and beef arepas, as well as filet mignon, Peruvian fried rice and seafood.

“My Peruvian customer base is very small—about 10 percent,” Gerry Sarmiento said. “Most of our customers come from the surrounding neighborhoods. They’ve received it well because it’s totally different compared to other foods they have tried.”

Popular dish: filet mignon

13215 Grant Road, Cypress

International Food in Cy-Fair Manny’s Cafe[/caption]


Manny’s Cafe

The recipes at Manny’s Cafe are about as authentic as anywhere, largely due to the fact that owner Manny Yiakras brought them from the island of Rhodes, where he was born and raised.

The menu includes Greek favorites, such as dolmades and hummus, as well as Greek versions of burgers, spaghetti and cheesesteaks.

The restaurant’s most popular item is a Greek classic—the gyro platter.

“We have the best gyros in all of Houston,” Yiakras said. “People around here say it’s the only gyro in Houston.”

Popular dish: gyro platter

8475 Hwy. 6 N., Ste. E., Houston

International Food in Cy-Fair Edojin Japanese Cuisine[/caption]


Edojin Japanese Cuisine

Edojin has offered Japanese favorites while specializing in sushi since 2009. The Cypress eatery provides a neighborhood restaurant atmosphere with table and sushi bar seating.

Since new owners took over, some new Japanese seafood and ramen favorites are now offered on select days. Different sushi rolls are cycled in as specials on a weekly basis as well.

For diners looking for Eastern-inspired cuisine but are not interested in sushi, other menu items include steamed dumplings, chicken fried rice and chicken teriyaki bowls.

Popular dish: weekly sushi specials

12344 Barker Cypress Road, Ste. 210, Cypress

International Food in Cy-Fair Alicia’s Mexican Grille[/caption]


Alicia’s Mexican Grille

Competition is strong for restaurants serving Tex-Mex cuisine in Cy-Fair, but Alicia’s Mexican Grille is among the most popular, often serving up to 600 diners in a single night. The eatery is named after the wife of owner David Herrera, who also runs Dario’s American Cuisine and Marvino’s Italian Kitchen in Cypress.

The menu is inspired by culinary experiences Herrera had on his grandfather’s farm in El Salvador and as an employee at Tony Vallone’s famous Houston restaurant, Anthony’s.

Menu options cover the wide spectrum of Tex-Mex food, including an extensive selection of enchiladas, fajitas, steaks and chicken dishes.

Popular dish: Camarones Alicia’s

26326 Hwy. 290, Cypress

International Food in Cy-Fair Rangoli Fine Indian Cuisine[/caption]


Rangoli Fine Indian Cuisine

With decades of cooking experience in restaurants around the world, Dhirender Sharma, owner of Rangoli Fine Indian Cuisine, and head chef Prem Singh can create a plethora of authentic Indian dishes.

All food is made to order, including naan—made with fresh dough every morning—and barbecue red chicken, which is cooked in a charcoal fire clay oven.

“Our chefs are trained in traditional styles and for them, cooking is an art form,” Sharma said. “Making good food is something we’re all passionate about here.”

Signature dish: lamb shank korma

10728 FM 1960 W., Houston

Peli Peli Peli Peli[/caption]

South African

Peli Peli

Offering a distinct menu of South African fusion cuisine, few restaurants are similar to Peli Peli.

Master chef Paul Friedman owned and operated restaurants in South Africa and Germany before bringing his blend of spices to Vintage Park in 2010.

About 10 percent of the menu is authentic South African cuisine while the majority is a fusion of other cuisines with South African flavors, Friedman said.

“You get an explosion of flavor, yet it’s steak, chicken or seafood,” he said.

Signature dish: chef Paul’s rib-eye steak

110 Vintage Park Blvd., Ste. P, Houston


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