HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress held a grand opening for its newly renovated emergency center Aug. 24. Renovations focused on expanding private emergency rooms, adding more bays and streamlining the care for those in the emergency department.

According to CEO Jim Beck Brown, the project spanned 51 weeks and was completed while the emergency department was still fully functioning.

“This is a huge milestone to get to show you this renovated facility,” Brown said. “I think for most of us involved, we would say it’s the hardest construction project we’ve ever been involved in. We literally fully renovated our entire emergency department with very little additional space over the course of the last year.”

The hospital originally housed 18 emergency bays and has been expanded to 27 bays, with 23 private treatment rooms to ensure patient privacy during their most vulnerable times. Renovations also included two new CT scanners, an expanded fast track area with four beds, a renovated waiting room and a triage area.

All additions were done by the hospital based on growth in the years since the hospital’s opening and the continued growth projected for the area. Brown said the goal of this expansion was to maintain a minimal wait time for those in the emergency room. With the expansion, patients can check in and be seen more quickly as the attending physicians have ample space to treat patients.

“This footprint should serve us well for the next five to 10 years and the growth that we’re experiencing in this community,” Brown said.