As the number of senior adults nationwide and in the Cy-Fair area continues to grow, so does the demand for residential options. The following list is not comprehensive.

IL: Independent-living communities cater to older adults with limited care needs. Most include amenities, such as fitness programs, housekeeping, communal meals and more.

AL: Assisted-living communities specialize in providing care and supervision. These facilities frequently offer a full range of amenities as well as limited medical assistance.

MC: Memory care facilities specialize in providing care to seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive issues. Staff members are trained to help residents manage these diseases.

HC: Hospice care is intended to relieve symptoms and suffering associated with a terminal illness in those who have been given six months or less to live. Patients must choose to forgo further curative treatment.

NH: Nursing home/skilled nursing facilities provide care to those with illnesses or mental conditions that require full-time monitoring and medical care.


1. Apex Oaks Assisted Living & Memory Care (AL, MC)

13702 Wimbledon Oaks Drive, Houston. 281-469-8800.

2. Arella on Jones (IL)

12840 Jones Road, Houston. 832-321-8000.

3. The Auberge at Cypresswood (AL, MC)

10225 Cypresswood Drive, Houston. 281-955-0880.

4. Autumn Grove Cottage at Copperfield (AL, MC)

8524 Copperbrook Drive, Houston. 281-849-8857.

5. Avalon Memory Care (MC)

9922 Grant Road, Houston. 15505 Tuckerton Road, Houston. 888-522-1918.

6. BeeHive Homes of Cypress (AL, MC)

16220 West Road, Houston. 832-906-6460.

7. Copperfield Estates (IL)

16820 West Road, Houston. 281-688-1791.

8. Copperfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation (NH)

7107 Queenston Blvd., Houston. 281-463-7333.

9. Legend Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation Northwest Houston (NH)

8902 West Road, Houston. 713-849-0990.

10. Morada Senior Living (IL, AL, MC)

11500 Fallbrook Drive, Houston. 281-576-8436.

11. Mansions at Hastings Green (IL)

11707 Fallbrook Drive, Houston. 281-955-2500.

12. Misty Willow Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center (NH)

12921 Misty Willow Drive, Houston. 281-469-7881.

13. North Houston Transitional Care (AL, NH)

9814 Grant Road, Houston. 281-547-0123.

14. Orchard Park at Willowbrook (IL)

13350 Perry Road, Houston. 832-237-7000.

15. Park Manor of Cy-Fair (NH)

11001 Crescent Moon Drive, Houston. 281-477-8877.

16. The Solana Preserve Vintage Park (IL)

14221 Vintage Preserve Parkway, Houston. 832-263-2562.

17. The Solana Vintage Park (AL, MC)

19929 Chasewood Park Drive, Houston. 281-320-9000.

18. Solea Copperfield Apartments (IL)

8300 Queenston Blvd., Houston. 346-239-8377.

19. Village on the Park—Steeplechase (IL, AL, MC)

12102 Steepleway Blvd., Houston. 281-949-8340.

20. Windermere Estates (AL)

11246 Fallbrook Drive, Houston. 281-890-3174


21. Avanti Living at Towne Lake (AL, MC)

17808 Lakecrest View Drive, Cypress. 832-653-4260.

22. Bristol Park at Cypress (AL, MC)

17935 Longenbaugh Drive, Cypress. 281-392-2200.

23. Eden Memory Care (MC)

13058 Grant Road, Cypress. 281-935-9115.

24. Park Creek (IL)

16718 Huffmeister Road, Cypress. 281-545-7510.

25. Parsons House Cypress (AL)

15055 N. Eldridge Parkway, Cypress. 281-374-8002.

26. Spring Cypress Assisted Living and Memory Care (AL, MC)

16306 Spring Cypress Road, Cypress. 281-690-0026.

27. Sundance at Towne Lake (MC)

9051 Greenhouse Road, Cypress. 281-746-3852.

28. Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home (MC)

14520 Huffmeister Road, Cypress. 832-653-7181.