Sewer line inspections and cleaning for 189,000 linear feet of pipes will begin soon in Jersey Village after City Council approved a $490,000 contract for the job on June 17.

The project

City Council unanimously approved a contract with Pipe View America for the project, which is slated to be complete by early 2025, Assistant City Manager Robert Basford said. Three other bids for the project ranging from about $622,000-$780,000 were submitted on June 6, according to council meeting documents.

According to June 17 meeting documents, the project work will include:
  • Televising, inspecting and cleaning sanitary sewer lines in Jersey Village that were installed pre-1970s-2020s
  • Inspection and cleaning for 900 sanitary sewer manholes
The cost

About 53% of the project—or about $253,572—will be paid using 2023 bond funds while the remaining cost will come from the utility fund capital improvement fund, according to meeting documents.

The city’s engineering firm, Quiddity Engineering, originally estimated the work would cost about $904,000 to complete.

The timeline

Pipe View America leaders expect the project to take 225 days, according to meeting documents. A start date for the project has not been announced.

The other bids, which were more expensive, likely had higher price tags since they would complete the work more quickly, city engineers said June 17. The other bids’ timelines ranged from 160-200 days, according to meeting documents.

“Considering it's not a huge difference in time, in terms of the grand scale of the project, it's a pretty significant savings for just [taking] a little longer,” Mayor Bobby Warren said.