The city of Jersey Village has been awarded a $157,500 grant from the Texas General Land Office, which will fund the creation of a comprehensive community plan, according to a June 4 blog post from the city.

The big picture

Jersey Village’s comprehensive plan will include “critical studies and analyses” on a variety of subjects, according to the post. Under the project, city officials will create a Comprehensive Planning Committee to oversee the plan’s creation before it is presented to city council for approval.

“This grant from the Texas GLO marks a significant step forward in our efforts to plan strategically for the future of Jersey Village,” reads the post. “We look forward to working with our community to create a comprehensive plan that reflects our shared vision and goals.”

According to the blog post, the plan will cover:
  • Community population growth
  • Housing including single-family and multifamily units, vacancy rates and future housing needed
  • Current and future land use
  • Hazard mitigation
  • “Community needs and desires” such as parks and recreation additions, economic development and projects to be completed over the next five to 10 years
Get involved

Opportunities for Jersey Village citizens to provide feedback for the plan will be announced in upcoming months.