On March 18, Jersey Village City Council accepted inspection reports on the city’s water and wastewater facilities that will “be at the heart of the budgeting process” for years, according to meeting documents.

The overview

City Council unanimously voted to accept the 2024 Utility Fund Capital Improvements Plan & Inspection Reports from Quiddity Engineering LLC. The reports detail the condition of city water and wastewater facilities, including:
  • The Castlebridge Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • The Jones Road, 290 NW, Hillcrest, Rio Grande, Philippine and Tahoe lift stations
  • Seattle, Village and West water plants
Along with Quiddity’s impact fee study, the inspection reports will be used for the city’s Capital Improvement Plan over the next decade, according to March 18 meeting documents. The plan will also be used to “forecast future utility rate needs,” according to the documents.

“I've always been a big proponent of preventative maintenance and making sure that we're staying on top of things as it comes, because it's much, much easier and much less expensive to address small issues before they become very, very large issues,” council member Sheri Sheppard said.

In case you missed it

The city’s latest Water and Wastewater Rate Study concluded the council will need to increase “rates and bill calculation methods” to fund the city’s operating costs, according to Feb. 12 meeting documents.

On Feb. 12, City Council opted to cap the city’s wastewater service charges at 12,000 gallons for users with one water meter, as previously reported by Community Impact. On Jan. 22, council approved a proposal from Quiddity Engineering LLC to create a Water and Wastewater Master Plan.