On Feb. 12, Jersey Village City Council voted to oppose two applications for senior affordable housing apartment projects in Jersey Village.

The overview

Houston-based real estate firms Blazer Building and Artisan American filed preliminary project applications with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs under the department’s 2024 Competitive 9 Percent Housing Tax Credits program, according to Feb. 12 meeting documents.

According to meeting documents, Blazer’s project would:
  • Be named Castlebridge Seniors
  • Include about 100 low-income units and 30 standard units
  • Be located at 12450 Castlebridge Drive
According to meeting documents, Artisan American’s project would:
  • Be named Residences at Jersey Village
  • Include about 98 low-income units
  • Be located on Saville Lane behind The Manor at Jersey Village apartments, which are owned by the same company
What happened

City officials recommended against supporting either project’s application due to concerns about potential increased call volume to the city’s emergency services, City Manager Austin Bleess said. Ultimately, council voted unanimously against supporting the projects.

Jersey Village Fire Chief Mark Blitz estimated about 13 calls for emergency services per month are made at one similar senior living affordable housing complex in Jersey Village.

“They're asking for a tax incentive for us to bring in a facility that would—based on all the data that we have before us—place a significant burden on our EMS personnel that are funded predominantly by the rest of us,” Mayor Bobby Warren said. “I don't know how in the world—I couldn't in good faith support a resolution that would call for that from the state.”

Before council’s vote, leaders for Blazer requested council members endorse the company’s preapplication. The company would be developing and managing the property, Blazer Vice President Nathan L. Kelley said Feb. 12.

“A vote for this resolution only allows our application to continue moving forward,” Kelley said. “We still have to go through all of the other hurdles specific to obtaining the specific use permit we would need. ... What it does mean, though, a vote not to approve a resolution, is that the project would not move forward.”

Kelley said council's vote will make up part of a score the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs will assign the project when considering it against about 30 other developers that have applied for the 2024 tax credits program with Greater Houston-area projects.