Editor's note: This guide previously stated the first session of camp at Cantu’s Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense Academy ended June 28. It has been updated with the correct end date of June 27.

Parents looking for camps for their children have a number of options to choose from in the Cy-Fair area. This list is not comprehensive.

1. AR Workshop Cypress ARt Camp

Kids engage in arts and crafts with different themes each week. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Ages: 6-17

Dates: June 10-Aug. 16

Cost: $59 per day, $235-$275 per week2. Camp Hope at Messiah Lutheran

Attendees learn about Bible stories.

Ages: 5 years-sixth grade

Dates: June 10-28

Cost: $85 per week; $80 per additional sibling3. Cantu’s Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense Academy

Children learn jiujitsu and character development.

Ages: 5-14

Dates: June 24-27, July 22-25

Cost: $125 per week4. Code Wiz Cypress

Campers learn JavaScript design, Unity, Minecraft, Roblox and robotics.

Ages: 7-17

Dates: June 4-Aug. 9

Cost: $250 (half week), $400 (full week)5. Cookin’ With Kim

Kids learn to cook at this culinary camp.

Ages: kindergarten and up

Dates: June-August

Cost: $40 daily; $250 for multiday classes6. Creator Camp

Attendees create their own movies, video games and video productions.

Ages: 6-13

Dates: June 3-Aug. 2

Cost: $159-$249 (two- and three-day options), $1,200 (summer pass)7. Cy-Fair ISD summer camps

Multiple camp options focus on arts and crafts, academic challenges, games and other topics based on students’ interests.

Ages: incoming kindergarten-eighth grade

Dates: June 10-July 19

Cost: $120-$150 per week; registration fees may apply8. Cy-Fair Music and Arts

Musical theater, acting and visual arts are the focus.

Ages: 5-15

Dates: June 3-Aug. 9

Cost: $185-$395 per week9. Cypress Academy

Campers learn more about gymnastics and tumbling. The Huffmeister location also offers a ninja camp.

Ages: 4-14

Dates: June 10-14 (House & Hahl Road location); June 3-28 (Huffmeister Road location)

Cost: $225 per week10. Drama Kids

Attendees learn different aspects of performing arts.

Ages: 4-14

Dates: June 3-Aug. 9

Cost: $299 per week11. iCode Cypress

This camp focuses on coding, robotics, digital art, video editing, engineering, and game and web development.

Ages: 5-16

Dates: June 3-Aug. 23

Cost: $433 per week12. Idea Lab Kids Cypress

Children learn about science, technology, engineering, art and culinary arts.

Ages: 5-10

Dates: June 10-Aug. 16

Cost: $225 per week (half day), $325 per week (full day)13. inSPIRE Rock Climbing Camp

Campers of all skill levels learn the basics of rock climbing through fun activities.

Ages: 6-12

Dates: June-August

Cost: $239 per week (gym members); $259 per week (nonmembers)14. K2 Campus

Each week is themed, and children partake in physical activity, arts and crafts, outdoor play and field trips.

Ages: pre-K-fifth grade

Dates: June-August

Cost: $135-$281 per week15. KidStrong Cypress

Attendees learn about fitness, social skills and sportsmanship.

Ages: 4-9

Dates: June 3-Aug. 23

Cost: $275 per week16. Life Time

Activities include art, sports, swim lessons, field trips, athletic training, dance coding, cheer, pickleball and tennis.

Ages: 5-12

Dates: June 3-Aug. 23

Cost: $63 per day; $315 per week17. The Nest Schools

Activities are centered around life lessons, exploration and fun.

Ages: 5-12

Dates: June 3-Aug. 23

Cost: varies18. Playhouse 1960

Students develop their creative expression and present two public performances at the end of each camp.

Ages: 5-19

Dates: June 3-14 (Frozen Jr., Matilda the Musical Jr.); June 3-21 (Six Teen Edition); June 17-28 (The Little Mermaid Jr., Into the Woods Jr.)

Cost: $300 per camp19. School of Rock Cypress

Campers get hands-on experience learning music and performing for an audience.

Ages: 7-12

Dates: June 24-Aug. 2

Cost: $450 per week