Cy-Fair ISD is expected to see a 2.11% enrollment increase from 118,470 to 120,974 students through 2033-34, according to data consulting firm Population and Survey Analysts presented at the April 4 board meeting.

PASA officials weighed economic and social data in their projections for the district, such as job growth, employment sectors, socioeconomic characteristics, quality of life indicators, housing construction and land development potential. Additionally, they factored in charter and private school plans, household size, and ages of residents.

The big picture

The housing component of the PASA report shows development in the western portion of the district is driving the majority of growth in CFISD. An estimated 35,189 new housing units are expected to be built in the district over the next decade.

PASA President Stacey Tepera said the east side of the district is seeing slowed enrollment growth due to limited available land to develop for housing. Therefore, future school sites will likely all be located on the west side of district, which includes neighborhoods such as Bridgeland, Marvida, Avalon at Cypress, Dunham Pointe and Grand Mason, among others.

“Cy-Fair has areas of future growth and areas that are built out, and this is very common in large districts. It will be important for the district to plan strategic timelines for the new campuses to ensure the district is addressing this growth, but also at the same time, it’s important to find creative ways to utilize the existing campuses," she said.

Quote of note

“We always appreciate having this good data to help us make our decisions as we plan ahead since it's important that we always take a strategic approach. I appreciate the validation that the hard decisions that we made last year regarding changing attendance zones had a positive impact, and it delayed the need for new construction, which is very expensive for the taxpayers,” CFISD trustee Julie Hinaman said.

What else?

Tepera said the planned construction of three to five new charter schools slated to open within the next couple of years could draw an estimated 800-1,000 students away from CFISD.

Those charter schools that have filed with the Texas Education Agency for new school locations in the district include the following:
  • Harmony Public Schools
  • Heritage Classical Academy
  • NextGen Innovation Academy
  • KIPP Texas Public Schools
  • One Collegiate Charter School