Cy-Fair ISD volunteer Tonia Jaeggi was named a Heroes for Children award recipient by the State Board of Education and recognized at the CFISD board of trustees meeting Sept. 12. She was also honored during a ceremony last month in Austin, according to a news release from the district.

The SBOE selected 15 different school volunteers from across the state to be honored with this year’s award. Jaeggi received a plaque, a copy of a board resolution honoring her service and a certificate of recognition from Gov. Greg Abbott.

“My mom was in the district for 30 years, and so I worked at the schools with her when I was in high school,” said Jaeggi, who is also a CFISD graduate, in a statement. “I worked at Arnold Middle School and got to see a lot of volunteers come in. That’s what started it. I realized I could go to the schools and help make a difference even though I wasn’t a teacher. I wanted to help where I could. And once my girls started school, it was over for me because I wanted to do all the fun things you do at the elementary level.”

Jaeggi’s service includes more than 2,000 volunteer hours at A. Robison Elementary School and mentoring at Bane Elementary School. She became a certified presenter for the Science Resource Center, a Texas Department of State Health Services vision and hearing screener and a volunteer at the Cy-Fair Nature Trials, according to the release. Jaeggi also served A. Robison as a PTO officer for five years and sponsored various appreciation programs through her business, The Jaeggi Team Realtors. She is also a member of CFISD’s Long Range Planning, Calendar and Community Leadership committees.

She also served as a Cy-Fair Education Foundation trustee and volunteers at foundation events such as the Cy-Hoops Invitational basketball tournament and B.F. Adam Golf Classic.

“It was snowball effect,” Jaeggi said. “It started, and one thing led to another where I then wanted to do all the things. All the kids at school see me often so they know who I am but they don’t remember my name, but they know what I did for them which is the important part. I want to be a positive role model in their lives.”

The SBOE created the Heroes for Children award program in 1994. The award recognizes excellence in advocacy for education and highlights outstanding volunteers who significantly contribute to Texas public school education. To learn more about the Heroes for Children award, visit the Texas Education Agency website.