Cy-Fair ISD is an increasingly diverse school district with more than 100 languages and dialects spoken by students. The district has 56 elementary schools, 19 middle schools and 12 high schools. Special program facilities are not included in these charts. See definitions of each category below:

Economically disadvantaged: Students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals, come from a family with an income below the poverty line or are eligible for other specific assistance or benefits

English learner: Identified by the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee, students who have another primary language and are learning English

Special education: Students participating in a special education program or another program using special education support services, aids or other special arrangements

Dyslexic: Students identified as having dyslexia or other related disorders

At risk: Students identified as at risk of dropping out of school based on state-defined criteria, which can include performance, alternative education enrollment, expulsion and homelessness, among other factors

Sources: Texas Education Agency, Texas Legislature/Community Impact Newspaper