BREAKING: Here’s when Cy-Fair ISD students will have time off from school in 2021-22

Cy-Fair ISD's 2021-22 calendar is similar to ones approved in previous years. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)
Cy-Fair ISD's 2021-22 calendar is similar to ones approved in previous years. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

Cy-Fair ISD's 2021-22 calendar is similar to ones approved in previous years. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

At a Jan. 14 meeting, Cy-Fair ISD’s board of trustees unanimously approved the instructional calendar for the 2021-22 school year as it was proposed by the district's calendar committee, which is made up of district parents, administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and community partners.

The first day of school is slated for Aug. 23, and the school year is set to end May 26, 2022. This adds up to 76,950 minutes of instruction for students—three days more than state law mandates.

According to the state, teachers are required to work 187 days, and students must have a minimum of 75,600 minutes of instruction throughout the academic year. Additionally, school cannot start before the fourth Monday in August unless the district is deemed a District of Innovation.

Chief Academic Officer Linda Macias said CFISD’s calendar committee considered factors including the state’s testing schedule, traditional holidays and breaks, the timing of professional development days, neighboring districts' calendars and the fact that teachers may need additional planning time next year due to the learning gaps brought on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote learning days were added to the calendar to address this need in 2020-21, but Macias said this option will not be available in 2021-22. However, five teacher work days are built into the calendar, giving teachers additional opportunities to plan while students can take advantage of a holiday. These days may also be used as additional inclement weather days as needed, she said.

“Although remote learning days are not an option, I do strongly believe that our teachers need some additional time for planning and preparation,” Macias said. “This next year, and probably the next year, are going to be some of the most difficult years in the classroom for our teachers.”

The 2021-22 calendar was approved as follows.

  • Aug. 9-20: Professional development

  • Aug. 23: First day of school

  • Sept. 6: Student/staff holiday

  • Sept. 24: Teacher work day/student holiday

  • Oct. 22: Teacher work day/student holiday

  • Nov. 1-2: Professional development

  • Nov. 22-26: Student/staff holiday

  • Dec. 20-31: Student/staff holiday

  • Jan. 3: Professional development

  • Jan. 14: Teacher work day/student holiday

  • Jan. 17: Student/staff holiday

  • Feb. 11: Teacher work day/student holiday

  • Feb. 14: Professional development/inclement weather day

  • March 14-18: Student/staff holiday

  • April 15: Student/staff holiday

  • April 18: Teacher work day/student holiday

  • May 26: Last day of school

  • May 27: Professional development/inclement weather day

By Danica Lloyd

Editor, Cy-Fair

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