International Leadership of Texas, a free, public charter school with campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth, College Station and Houston areas, is planning to launch a ful yvirtual education option available to all Texas students starting Aug. 13.

International Leadership of Texas, which serves nearly 20,000 students, announced details about ILTexas Virtual School this week. Students in kindergarten through 12th grade will have access to the same trilingual curriculum offered on ILT campuses without having to leave their homes.

“ILTexas VS gives Texas families the opportunity to prepare their students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering the English, Spanish and Chinese languages, and strengthening the mind, body and character,” officials said in a press release.

The virtual launch comes after school officials were forced to pivot to remote schooling during the coronavirus pandemic. Because this is not just a temporary option that will go away after the pandemic, officials said the new school gives students who do not live near an International Leadership of Texas campus the opportunity to enroll.

Classes will be conducted live, granting students the opportunity to engage with teachers and fellow classmates. Fitness and fine arts classes are included in the curriculum, and electives and extracurricular activities are available as well, officials said.

All instruction will take place online, and enrolled students will be issued a Chromebook and a headset.

The school is also hiring teachers and other staff members for positions at the virtual school. Families can apply and learn more at