Houston school districts unite to oppose the Senate’s proposal to calculate school funding using current property values


Several Houston districts have joined others across the state in signing a letter to oppose one element of the latest school finance reform bill.

The letter, released May 8, was sent to the legislative Conference Committee deliberating House Bill 3. That bill would calculate school funding using property values from the current year rather than the existing practice of using prior year values.

Using current-year values would be “devastating to our school districts,” according to the letter.

This letter is an extension of the work by Texas districts to provide information and input to legislators regarding school finance reform, according to a news release.

Fifty-eight school districts, including Cy-Fair ISD, Katy ISD, Klein ISD, New Caney ISD and Friendswood ISD, have signed the letter.

The letter states that using current-year values “creates an additional Robin Hood system that affects even more districts than those currently subject to recapture. Any school district that experiences property value growth would now be subject to another system of recapture that benefits the state’s budget.”

In addition, the letter continues, “current-year values make budgeting at both the district and state levels much more imprecise. Districts will be preparing budgets and spending funds before the State Comptroller’s Office has reviewed, audited and certified values to both school districts and the Texas Education Agency. Certified values are essential for accurately calculating a school district’s revenue.”

JointLetter HB3Conferees May2019 (Text)

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  1. “Using current-year values would be “devastating to our school districts,” according to the letter.”

    Sounds good. Let me know how I can help.

  2. The current funding of ISDs through property taxes needs to be eliminated. The era of free monopoly run ISDs needs to be ended. The ISDs have proven that there will never be enough money and Superintendents making $500K or more a year shows the utter corruption of the current school system. Many other countries have private schools and they are affordable and require uniforms and they keep the drugs out. The free education system is a big disappointment and shows what happens when the the educrats are in charge of a never ending pile of cash they will spend. There is no budgeting with ISDs why would they get mo money every year.

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