Famous for its chicken-fried steak and barbecue, Hickory Hollow opened in 1977 and continues serving traditional Southern fare and barbecue.

Restaurant owner Joseph Boehm said he took over ownership of the restaurant after the original owner Anthony Riedel retired in 2020.

Staying local

Boehm said he started working for Hickory Hollow in 1992 while he was in high school.

Through the years, he explored different opportunities, however, after 32 years, Anthony Riedel, the original owner, retired and gave ownership to his well-known employee Boehm.

“He was very concerned about maintaining the employees and the traditions of the restaurant because we have multiple generations of families that come here,” Boehm said.

Hickory Hollow continues serving the same dishes, traditions and friendly service as it did in 1977, Boehm said. Along with its original building, the eatery maintains its rustic decorative style.

“Quite often, we have grandparents who are bringing their grandkids for the first time. I experienced that many years ago when we first opened, and we haven't changed much,” he said.

What’s special about it?

At Hickory Hollow, customers can expect a family-oriented casual environment with an American country feel. With country classic themed rooms, such as the John Wayne room and an upstairs seating section, the restaurant offers a unique style of dining with artwork created by local artists.

The historic 50-year-old building displays antique decorations, including a 70-year-old tractor.

“We've held to our traditions, even our building. Again, this is the original location [and] building. We've added on a few times here and there, but it's still very much the same decorative style and same experience that people have been appreciating for the last 40-plus years,” Boehm said.

On the menu

Featured on the Food Network and the Travel Channel, the rancher chicken-fried steak is a popular menu item at the restaurant. The large 10-ounce chicken-fried steak challenge offers customers the opportunity to be featured on the restaurant's social media platforms if successfully completed. The challenge consists of finishing the 10-ounce chicken-fried steak along with its sides.

Known for its food portions, Hickory Hollow also offers medium and small chicken-fried steaks as well as barbecue.

“We offer fried food, which is not common in the barbecue industry. So we're able to do a lot of different combinations on our plates,” Boehm said.

Menu selections include combinations of barbecue plates and fried food as well as sample platters where customers can select choices of meat. Options include smoked sausage, smoked spare ribs, sliced barbecue brisket and chopped barbecue brisket, among others.