Locally owned Indian and Nepali cuisine restaurant Everest Curry Bar & Grill opened in Cy-Fair in January 2023.

Restaurant owners and brothers Deepak and Prakash Bhandari are experienced in Indian street food cuisine as well as fine dining.

Respecting the craft

After traveling across India to expand his knowledge of Indian cuisine, Prakash Bhandari joined his brother as the chef of the restaurant.

Deepak Bhandari said he and his brother grew up in the restaurant industry and studied hospitality management in England.

In 2015, Deepak Bhandari became an operation director at Junoon, an Indian restaurant in New York. He said the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star, an award granted to restaurants with top-quality ingredients.

“That is the dream of all the restaurant owners, managers and chefs,” he said.

From there, Deepak Bhandari moved to Houston where he managed Beer Biryani and Kabab in Katy starting in 2020 before deciding to open his own restaurant with his brother Prakash Bhandari as the chef.

What's special about it?

Everest Curry Bar & Grill provides customers with a casual dining experience at its sit-down restaurant. Deepak Bhandari said customers are warmly greeted at the door and escorted to a table.

Everest Curry Bar & Grill offers Indian and Nepali cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced from India. Deepak Bhandari said the restaurant spices are bought whole and ground in-house.

The restaurant ensures quality food by preparing each order as it is placed.

“We prepare food for all our dishes. It may take a little longer than usual because nothing is preprepared,” Deepak Bhandari said.

On the menu

After a year of serving the Cy-Fair community, Deepak Bhandari said the restaurant recently finalized its menu. To begin, Everest Curry Bar & Grill had a temporary menu with a variety of Indian cuisine, and the menu was modified over time based on customer feedback.

A popular menu item at Everest Curry Bar & Grill is its Nepali momos, or steamed dumplings. The restaurant offers a variety of momo options, including chicken and goat momos.

Other popular items include pan-fried fish, lamb chops, chicken tikka masala, curry and butter chicken. Aside from its standard menu, the restaurant offers daily specials with dishes rotated throughout the week.

Everest Curry Bar & Grill also offers local delivery services, catering, live catering, specialty drinks and a full bar.