The Ganim family has been in charge of House of Pies since the 1980s, when the previous owner and developer of IHOP, among other famous franchises, sold the company.

Since then, locations in other states have closed their doors, leaving the Ganim family with their locations in their hometown of Houston. Since taking over, they have expanded from the original location on Kirby Drive to operate six diners across the region, including the opening of House of Pies Cypress in 2021.

“We were looking at the suburbs, and Cypress was always on our list because it expanded so fast,” said Tam Ganim, whose family owns the eatery.

From opening locations across the city to working in the restaurants themselves, Ganim said he enjoys his time as a part owner of House of Pies.

“Every day is different, and you meet some of the most unique people at every location that we go to,” he said. “And even though Houston is such a big city, each suburb is unique in its own way.”

Ganim said he has been able to build relationships in his encounters in the restaurant. He said Cypress has proven to be a great place to work as the community has fully accepted House of Pies, leading to some residents becoming regulars.

“There’s people that come in every single day that we know by name and at every location too. I can go into any store and know most people by their name,” Ganim said. “Just getting to know them on a personal level and then staff wise—finding staff is difficult everywhere, but we have a lot of good staff at each location that’s been with us for a while that we kind of treat like family.”

On top of the diner’s welcoming environment, it boasts an extensive menu of freshly made dishes. Huevos rancheros, eggs Benedict, omelets and waffles are among the popular breakfast options, while the lunch and dinner menu features sandwiches, soups, chicken-fried steak, grilled pork chops, spaghetti, a shrimp platter and fish tacos.

In addition to cakes, cheesecakes and ice cream, pies are available whole or by the slice in more than 30 flavors, such as key lime, lemon icebox, Texas pecan, wild blueberry, peach, chocolate meringue, banana cream, coconut cream and bayou goo.

“A lot of people don’t realize that we do use fresh ingredients; our eggs are all hand-cracked,” Ganim said. “Even our pie ingredients, every location makes their pies in-house. ... Everything is done by each location from its own bakers.”

House of Pies Cypress

25686 Hwy. 290, Cypress


Hours: 7 a.m.-midnight daily