Becca and Jason Kerr have worked in and bought from farmers markets for years, sourcing their ingredients from smaller producers and giving back to the community.

After the two met at one of these markets, they worked together in catering and found they had a good working relationship.

After their personal and professional relationship grew, the couple decided to work together on a larger project. With the idea for a restaurant in their heads, Becca executed the plan, and together they opened Little Kitchen HTX in Jersey Village in 2020.

“That was the plan was being able to work together and always be together, be around each other,” Jason said.

Little Kitchen offers American comfort food with local ingredients. Dishes vary from gluten-free salads to hearty prime rib or gumbo, providing a meal for all palates. Part of the venture is Eat My Pralines, which offers desserts based on Becca’s family recipes.

The restaurant was initially created to serve as a headquarters for the Kerrs’ catering business until COVID-19 prevented large gatherings. Jason and Becca carried on despite this challenge and found an increase in business for the restaurant itself.

“We never really intended for the restaurant to be the busiest thing that we do,” Jason said. “It was just kind of a bonus, but it kind of flip-flopped where there was no catering, and then it was all about just trying to make the restaurant work.”

Aiding in this continued success was their model of providing meals that can be picked up or delivered, allowing those who wish to eat out without going out to do just that.

Part of the experience is the environment the Kerrs foster. The dining area is well lit with natural lighting and was designed to provide a 1990s-style coffee experience as well as a warm welcome.

“I mean, we work constantly, and it’s the amount of work that is put in to just be having consistently good food and creating a persistently good vibe and just wanting to please people to get that feedback that someone just had a really good experience,” Becca said. “That feels really good.”

Part of what sets Little Kitchen HTX apart is its use of locally sourced ingredients: From Henry’s Harvest’s microgreens to Cake & Bacon buns, the business supports and promotes the efforts of local food producers.

“We’re really plugged into that farmers market community,” Becca said. “We’re all about sourcing as much local as possible, and we kind of see that around the restaurant.”

Little Kitchen HTX

16000 Dillard Drive, Ste. A, Jersey Village. 832-295-3020.

Hours: Mon.-Wed. 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Thu.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.