Located in the backyard of Heron Lakes Golf Course, Victor’s on the Green provides a variety of diner-style dishes with a view of the outdoors.

A Cy-Fair native, the restaurant’s owner Mario Roberson said the fresh-cooked food, polite service and the chance to meet famous athletes who come to golf give Victor’s on the Green its own personality since spring 2016.

Roberson is the owner one of three Victor’s, a small chain of restaurants in the Houston area. The original opened in Spring, and a second is in Clear Lake. Roberson said Victor’s on the Green is different because of the events it hosts. However, it maintains the Victor’s tradition by staying familiar with its customers.

“We do a lot of private events,” he said. “We have a great celebrity following that comes to this location. We know our customer base. We really know them.”

Roberson identified a dish called Mario’s grilled chicken—a chicken breast smothered with cheese and covered with fresh vegetables—as both a customer and personal favorite. The use of fresh ingredients and recipes sets Victor’s on the Green apart from other restaurants, Roberson said.

“We’re not freezing any food,” he said. “When you order fried zucchini or fried mushroom, that’s a whole mushroom cut up.”

Celebrities use the golf course, and Roberson said he takes advantage of the opportunity to create parties and events centered on their arrival.

“We have players from the [Houston] Rockets come here,” he said. “NFL, NBA and MLB players come here all of the time.”

Roberson said future restaurant plans include expanding the patio for parties and a membership program that includes a wine locker and first tastes of new dishes. He said he is working on organizing book signings with actors and has been in touch with actor Tyler Perry’s team.

Roberson said giving back to his community is important.

“I’m a product of Cypress. I grew up out here,” he said. “I graduated from Jersey Village High School, and I do give back to the school systems. I give back as much as I can to the city.”